Genre-Defying Alt-Rockers THICK AS THIEVES Sign to Wayne Kramer’s Industrial Amusement

Posted on October 8th, 2014

Debut full-length album Love Me Blind available digitally around the world on October 21st

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“Here at headquarters, we often return to the old Duke Ellington adage:
‘There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind.’
Thick As Thieves are clearly our idea of good music.” -Wayne Kramer

The style and sound of Thick As Thieves is irresistible. You’d never imagine they come from as many different backgrounds and varying parts of the country as there are members of the group. When this line-up played together for the first time in their home base of Los Angeles, they may as well have been speaking the same language all their lives.

Born out of the need for something that was not only different, but different with actual meaning, Thick As Thieves are kindred musical spirits enamored with one another’s idiosyncrasies. The result is a signature style that makes them impossible to categorize. It’s rock, but it’s hip-hop. It’s pop but it’s indie. What it is is excellent and fun and as welcome an invitation to stuck-song syndrome as you’ve ever heard.

Love Me Blind  is adventurous and accessible, with a lyrical intelligence that is rare in today’s rock. Like the band itself, the album is an eclectic venture that somehow seamlessly intertwines rock, hip-hop and pop in a novel and genuinely fresh style. Check out the single on our site!

About Thick as Thieves:
Thick as Thieves is a Los Angeles based rock/hip-hop band consisting of Nick Richey (MC), Sunday Lane (Vocals/Keys), Maxim Rainer (Vocals/Guitar), Clint Ratliff (Vocals/Guitar), Brennan McNally (Bass) and newest addition T’Challa Kidd (drums).